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Another Day In My Workspace

After reading the assignment of Sunday Sketches, I went around campus searching for real life objects that would spark anything that could be used for this assignment. After finishing an assignment, I noticed the multiple lamps lined up along the exterior Thomas 1 lounge. They were oval shaped, protruding, and the top half of the lamp was covered. This lamp shape was reminiscent of an astronaut helmet , so I took a picture of the it with my phone. I downloaded the picture into my computer and used the application “Paint 3D” to draw over the photograph. I outlined the helmet and drew the rest of the astronaut body. I proceeded to add a space background and finished the image. Because I was not used to working with “Paint 3D” and did not have a drawing pen, I used my fingers to do all the outlines. This was difficult because I do not have the steadiest of hands so I had to redo most of the outlines again and again until I was satisfied with them. I used the marker, watercolor, eraser, and fill drawing utensils to complete the illustration.

Lione the Astronaut Fixing the Spaceship

Link to Sketch #2 Assignment:

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