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Late In The Night For Two Grains of Rice

The prompt asks for a narrative of key events that shaped the way we read and write. I wanted to include my mother in this narrative piece because she is largely the cause of me getting anywhere near literature in the first place. It was with great fondness that I memorialized those moments we spent together gushing over insignificant details of novels I had read prior to that day which later increased my interest in reading and helped improve my writing skills. I also wanted to include Mrs. Rojas, my fourth-grade teacher who gave me much confidence in my writing one school afternoon. Throughout the writing process, I was able to understand the importance of brainstorming beforehand and compartmentalizing my focus in each stage of the writing process. The X-pages exercise was an assignment unlike any I have had that helped organize my narrative essay. I was unsure of how many events I was supposed to write and in how much detail. I settled on these two key events with many motivators included within them. With regret, I learned that I do not remember much about other key events that helped push me in the specific direction regarding the English language I am at present. As for the image, it was the easiest and least time-consuming part of the assignment. An illustration created by me was included in the page in the way I remember her looking at me during those precious moments we had together.

Link to published page: Two Grains of Rice


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