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Reflection on Post Narrative, Part 3

  • How has the entire literacy narrative project helped you to meet the Learning Outcomes for this class
  • How was it to return to the alphabetic literacy narrative after having created your comic? How did you think differently after having worked in the visual medium and now returning to a text narrative?
  • How do you see the story you are trying to tell in different terms now? Was your analytical thinking process any different?

This entire literacy narrative project has helped me meet the following learning outcomes for this class: Practice writing as a process, recursively implementing strategies of research, drafting, revision, editing, and reflection; Demonstrate collaborative skills in classroom discussion and while working together on projects and presentations; Use technology rhetorically and appropriately, and engage responsibly in online spaces. I was able to practice writing as a process through the creation of the essay, its multiple revisions and edits, and reflections of said revisions and edits through the reflection posts. I was also able to demonstrate collaborative skills in classroom discussion by peer-reviewing other people’s comic strips and giving constructive advice on how they could better the construction of the storyline. Lastly, through the continuous upload of our work to our WordPress website, I am able to use technology appropriately and responsibly in online spaces.


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