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Doigts de Saucisse

Credit: Alexa Melendez

The process of creating this image took more brainpower than I anticipated. If it were not for my feud with technology, I am sure this would have been more smooth sailing. For the longest period of time, cropping the sausage picture proved difficult. I also used pixlr which is an editing application that I am quite unfamiliar with. At the end of the day, I gave up and used Word, cropped the sausage into an oval shape and placed on top of my fingers. Although the process was frustrating, I am satisfied with the end result. The inspiration came from the Shrek 2 movie with the insult, “Don’t you point those dirty green sausages at me!”. I don’t particularly think that this image conveys a message other than the limitations of my knowledge in a photo editing application.


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